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NOAH 25th Annual Dinner Featured Under Sec. Gornstein & Sen. Petruccelli

City Councillor Feliz Arroyo joined Aaron Gornstein, Under Secretary for Housing and Community Development, and Senator Anthony Petruccelli and NOAH guests at our 25th Annual Dinner on Thursday, December 13th at Spinelli's in East Boston.  Councillor Felix Arroyo presented NOAH Executive Director Philip Giffee an Official Resolution congratulating NOAH for its 25 years of service to the community. Senator Petruccelli gave the keynote address, discussing issues such as foreclosure prevention law, stopping trains carrying Ethanol (at least short-term), challenges in the FY14 budget, and more. He also congratulated Phil and NOAH on reaching its 25th year, saying that the community was blessed to ahve a strong community partner like NOAH. Under Secretary Gornstein talked about the Governor's new goal of creating 10,000 housing units, noting that such housing was critical to the economy, as it will keep families here in Mass. and also attract new skilled workers. He discussed the CDP Act, and the fact that NOAH was one of only 27 CDC's in the State able to compete for its grant and tax credit funding. He commented on the Grand Opening of Stevens Corner earlier this year, and said he was looking forward to a Ground Breaking in Carlisle soon. He noted that new awards will be announced in January; NOAH has an application in for the Sitkowski School project in Webster. Later, there was a Silent Auction of the CCAG  Youth photographs of East Boston, with many eager purchasers.


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