The Battle of Noddle Island!

THANKS SO MUCH to everyone who helped at the first 'Noddle Island Community Regatta and Battle Reenactment' on Memorial Day, May 25th, in East Boston! After the Battle of Lexington and Concord, the British Navy still controlled the waters around Boston, and were able to take cattle for food from both Noddle Island and Hog Island (areas of modern-day East Boston). And thereby hangs a tale... of a secret Colonial plot to break the British supply lines by clandestinely rounding up the cattle and driving them off-island during low tide, and to burn anything left that the British could use. Seeing the smoke, however, the British sent 400 Marines and the HMS Diana to stop this maneuver, and cut off the militiamen; and so the forces engaged in battle. The HMS Diana eventually was forced to run aground in the Mystic River (in the modern Chelsea Creek area), and was boarded by the Colonials, who stripped her of her mast, etc.  Pictured above: George Washington raising the first American Flag on Prospect Hill, using the Diana's 76' mast.

Activities included a regatta, a Grand Union flag raising at Condor Street Urban Wild, and a Battle Reenactment, followed by cook-out, music and activities at Condor Street Urban Wild. The event was supported by MyRWA funds and coordinated by NOAH's CBE Department to raise awareness of East Boston's history and its great water resources, as well as to promote new ideas about the uses of our changing waterfront. Please call 617-818-4583 or 617-418-8242 for more information. Below, two of the event photographs.


CITC: Community Investment Tax Credits!

NOAH is looking for donors who'd like to more-than-double the impact of their donation dollars! We are one of the Massachusetts CDCs (Community Development Corporations) who have received Community Investment Tax Credits for 2015, and we still have some 2014 credits remaining.

HOW DOES IT WORK?  It's easy! Speak to us about making a cash donation of over $1,000 (but less than $150,000 in 2015) for a 50% state tax credit. Please click here to send us an email for more information. Please click here to see more about CITCs in our brochure. Click here to see a video featuring the Governor and others explaining how CITC works. Or, click here to give right now!

WHO CAN GIVE?  Anyone in the state - individuals or corporations, including both not-for-profit and non-profit organizations - can speak to us about donating over $1,000 to NOAH and receiving a 50% tax credit to use on that year's Mass. state tax return. Even if donors don't have any tax liability, or if they live out of state, they can utilize this program and receive a refund in the amount of the credit. Banks can utilize the CITCs for CRA donations.

WHEN?  Now! The CITC program has already begun. You can check out the CITC regulations at But, we should mention that the credits are available on a 'first-come, first-serve' basis.

WHY? Depending on your tax bracket, your $325 net donation can work like a $1,000 donation to help NOAH offer free or very low cost programming to seniors, disabled individuals, families, and children in need. Each year, we assist over 1,600 individuals in our affordable housing programming, and hundreds more in our children's, youth, ESOL and US Citzenship initiatives.  Our services are either free or at a low-cost. The state program is designed to encourage private contributions that help non-profit Community Development Corporations achieve essential community goals.

EXAMPLE: Here is a 2015 annual tax savings CITC example. 

NB: Illustration at 35% tax bracket. Situations vary. Please consult your tax advisor.

Minimum Donation   High Donation
$1,000   $110,000
  Mass. State Tax Credit  
$500   $55,000
  Federal Tax Deduction
(if at 35%)
$175   $19,250
  Total Tax Savings


$675   $74,250
  Final Out-of-Pocket Donation  
$325   $35,750


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