NOAH is a 501(c)3 nonprofit dedicated to improving the lives of MA residents.
NOAH has served MA residents since 1987.
Our team works tirelessly to help thousands of residents each year.
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Our Impact

THANK YOU to all our generous funders, donors and supporters, and to our hard-working volunteers, partners and staff. Together, we have been able to achieve the following:
  • By the end of September 2017, NOAH had created investments of over $438 million in the Greater Boston regional economy.
  • In 2016, NOAH directly served over 2,100 individuals and families (over 3,500, when adding in family members). 
  • NOAH now serves 1,500 disadvantaged housing clients and 600 neighborhood-services clients annually, on average.
  • Since its inception, NOAH has provided  free counseling and education to over 2,500 individuals and families as to how to best find or retain rental housing and avoid homelessness.
  • NOAH's staff have completed 10,000+ no-cost safety-related home repairs for senior and disabled residents.
  • NOAH has helped over 1,500 families purchase their first homes through education and counseling, with 800+ of these purchased in the last seven years.
  • We have served households from over 95 communities in the Greater Boston area during the last six years.
  • NOAH has either rehabilitated or newly developed 425 affordable units within 72 buildings; and owns/manages 311 affordable/workforce rental units & four commercial units in over 31 properties in East Boston, Everett, Beverly, Holliston, Carlisle, North Andover, Webster and Middleborough.
  • We're currently developing 71 affordable/workforce housing units in a real estate project in East Boston, with several others in our pipeline.
  • NOAH holds bilingual youth leadership, summer schoolyard, and soccer programs for over 170 at-risk/disadvantaged East Boston children each year.
  • We have helped transform the East Boston landscape with our involvement in the development of seven attractively redeveloped school yards, a four-and-a-half acre waterfront “Urban Wild” park, and a youth-run community garden; and through our environmental work, including salt marsh restoration; oil spill mitigation; Brownfields “clean up” projects; and air, land and water pollution remediation.
  • NOAH's ClimateCARE (Community Action for Resilience Engagement) program is working to help East Boston and its residents become resilient in the face of climate change. 
  • Since 2008, our dedicated counselors have helped over 2,100 households work to retain their family homes in the face of possible foreclosures via free counseling; with a long-term closed-case positive success ratio of 88%.
  • NOAH has educated 1,200+ students in how to speak English and become acclimated to living in the US via our English for Speakers of Other Languages courses.
  • Each year, over 65% of NOAH's clientele is from an ethnic minority household; 50% of clients are Spanish speakers. All client-serving staff members are bilingual.
  • The majority of NOAH's clients are either low-income or low/moderate-income.
  • NOAH continues to be rated as 'Exemplary' by NeighborWorks America.