EHAP/Rental Housing Counseling Services


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NOAH's free bilingual (English and Spanish) Boston rental housing services include assisting with apartment searches, retention, offering information about housing authorities, and providing listings of housing developments with open waiting lists. A primary focus is to assist Boston residents who experience an emergency, such as a fire or building collapse, in temporary and permanent placements. NOAH is committed to discovering new options and finding affordable rental opportunities for all in-need clients. On average, we serve over 150 households per year. We work hard to increase awareness of affordable housing options to community members and have partnered with numerous other established organizations in the area that provide us with referrals, which allows us to expand the number of clients we are able to reach. The lack of affordable housing in East Boston, Boston, and the Greater Boston region is a serious problem. Vacancy rates continue to decrease. Rental prices have increased, and thousands of people continue to move to the region, while new housing production remains limited. Gentrification issues continue to negatively impact many residents, including those of East Boston. Access to affordable housing is a growing concern for residents. Learn more about our city of Boston rental housing eligibility requirements here. Boston residents: for rental housing assistance, please fill out an application and bring it to our offices, or send it via mail. 

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(Please note: This is NOT an application for NOAH rental housing; please visit the Property Management area for NOAH housing.)


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