Property and Asset Management


NOAH has 293 affordable residential units and 3 commercial units in over 27 properties in East Boston, Everett, Beverly, Holliston, Carlisle, North Andover, Webster, and Middleborough. The organization runs Trinity House, a 16-unit single resident occupancy (SRO) facility in a renovated historic house in East Boston. The waitlist for the NOAH-managed properties has been closed as of 10/31/16.



Properties We Manage

4 Trenton

49-53 Putman

108-110 White



124 Falcon

359-363 Meridian

376 R-Sumner / 115 Everett St

440 Meridian

29 Havre

273-283 Meridian

406 Meridian




Other properties managed by NOAH:

291 Princeton St

143 Border St

73-75 Saratoga st

149-151 Marion St

100-104 Saratoga St

449-451 Saratoga St.

310 Saratoga St.