O'Donnell Schoolyard Program

Each summer, the O'Donnell program provides the opportunity for up to 200 local children to spend their summer in a healthy, active and productive way. The children enjoy the seven-week, five day program while also benefiting from participation in a multi-cultural, bilingual, and educational environment. Due to the shortage of green space in parts of East Boston, as well as the limited number of summer programs, many local children do not have the same opportunities for safe, outdoor recreational activities as children in other sections of the City and surrounding towns. The mission of the O’Donnell Schoolyard Program is to teach inclusion, respect of others, respect for differences, teamwork, societally acceptable behavior, self-confidence, active lifestyles, healthy eating and drinking, self-discipline, critical thinking, positivity, nonviolent communication and actions for problem solving, and honesty. The program focuses on encouraging youth to develop healthy relationships with one another and to resist negative effects of peer pressure, and fosters healthy psychological and physical development.

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