Foreclosure Prevention Services

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About NOAH’s Free Foreclosure Prevention Services

Our goal is to help those facing foreclosure to understand their options and determine the best and most affordable solution for their own situation. Our experienced counselors work with clients one-on-one to develop an action plan based on individual needs, create budgets, contact lenders, negotiate mortgage terms, and more. We also conduct weekly foreclosure prevention & loan modification workshops every Monday (except for Monday holidays) at 5:30 PM in both English and Spanish at our 143 Border Street, East Boston headquarters. Both our individual and group counseling are free of charge. Since our foreclosure prevention services began in 2007, we have worked with over 2,700 families in 95+ Greater Boston communities. NOAH has an 88% positive closed case ratio for extended counseling clients. We have also developed the North Shore Regional Partnership to educate residents, especially those in communities with the highest rates of foreclosures. Foreclosure petitions in our target communities rose in 2015. Navigating the complicated foreclosure process is difficult, and those clients in most need of our services are often discouraged by a perceived lack of resources or fear of being targeted by for-profit modification companies that could charge them excessive fees. For more information, please call 617-418-8264.





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