First Time Homebuyer Classes

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Our bilingual first-time homebuyer education classes provide a comprehensive overview of the necessary steps towards purchasing a home. Our experienced staff and a wide variety of guest speakers educate clients on how to locate, finance, and buy property. Graduates of these classes receive certificates from the City of Boston, which allows them to apply for better loans, helps them with down payment assistance, and gives them overall greater credibility when buying their first home. The demographics of our clientele over the last few years indicate that annually, approximately 50% of NOAH's clients are Spanish speakers; with 70% total representing racial or ethnic minorities; more than 40% of clients are in the “less than 50% of Area Median Income” range. This indicates that we are serving the lower-income and minority clients who need assistance the most. We educate over 300 individuals each year, many of whom go on to successfully purchase their first homes; over 1,200 families own their first homes as a result of our counseling efforts. In 2015, we held 12 eight-hour first-time certified homebuyer courses (half in English and half in Spanish), with 337 graduates and 147 client families purchasing their first homes within a year. Many of these clients face language barriers, and our bilingual classes are one of few places in the Boston Area that Spanish-speakers can consistently turn to for direction concerning purchasing homes in a sustainable way.

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