Foreclosure Prevention Unpaid Internship

Since 2007, in response to a great need within the community, NOAH expanded its housing services to offer foreclosure prevention and mitigation services. NOAH’s foreclosure counselors work individually with clients to develop long-term solutions based on the clients’ individual financial situations. Counselors prepare a client’s case for presentation to the lenders and negotiate on the client’s behalf to secure relief on their mortgage agreements. NOAH’s counselors help clients obtain mortgage modifications, short sales, forbearance agreements and other appropriate solutions.

NOAH seeks law student foreclosure Interns for the summer and fall of 2015. Supervised by a team of experienced Housing Counselors, Interns provide counseling to low and moderate income homeowners at risk or in the process of losing their homes.

Depending on experience and need, Interns will:
1) Meet with customers and prepare loan restructure cases to send to servicers. This includes gathering documents, developing budgets, and writing hardship letters describing the client’s case.
2) Work and negotiate with mortgage lenders and brokers, loan servicers, and real estate agents.
3) Stay current on issues relevant to mortgage lending, changes in foreclosure laws, and the availability of resources and special programs in the city of Boston and in neighboring jurisdictions.
4) Research activities in the real estate and lending markets that may be helpful for NOAH’s clients.
5) Participate in policy recommendations.
6) Maintain and monitor clients’ files and database.
7) Write reports and correspondence as needed.
8) Assist counselors in conducting homeownership post-purchase and foreclosure prevention educational presentations to community organizations.

NOAH provides interns with training, in partnership with the Boston Federal Reserve Bank, Division of Banks, NeighborWorks and/or MassHousing.

Qualifications: Spanish language skills desired but not a requisite. Applicants should have an interest in mortgage lending, foreclosure prevention and negotiation.

Under no circumstances will Interns give legal advice. If the case needs the advice of an attorney, the intern will contact a counselor who will refer the customer to an attorney.

Upload your cover letter here. In it be sure to describe why you are applying to the position, your strengths and experiences, when you would be available to start, and during which times of the week you could consistently volunteer. Note: You may only upload documents in the .doc, .docx, or .pdf format.
Please upload your resume here. Note: You may only upload documents in the .doc, .docx, or .pdf format.

If you have any questions about this form (or anything else), call NOAH's office at 617-567-5882, and we will be happy to help you.